July 10, 2011

"They say the pirate looks like a decent person, your honor."

Virginian Pilot 'After a public hanging, Basnight told them, a pirate's body was covered with tar, suspended over the bay and left out for animals and insects to devour - "a stern warning to other pirates," Basnight said.' By Mike Hixenbaugh

'Dozens of eye-patch-wearing, sword-wielding, Captain Hook-loving children received a harsh lesson in history Saturday. Real pirates, the boys and girls learned, aren't nearly as likeable as they seem in the movies.

'The difference was on stark display at the Adam Thoroughgood House, where a group of history buffs re-enacted the trial of the notorious pirate John Houghling, who was captured during a bloody battle on the Chesapeake Bay in 1700.'

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