July 15, 2011

Narine captured

Demerara Waves "Convicted pirate Kevin ‘Long Hair’ Narine, who broke out of a Guyanese prison with three others last month, has reportedly been arrested in Suriname."

'GFC Nieuws reports that the Guyanese criminal who has been linked to a spate of pirate attacks off the coasts of Guyana and Suriname, was arrested in Paramaribo North Thursday night. The online medium did not yet receive official confirmation from the authorities on the arrest report; also much detail on the apprehension was not available yet.

'Narine, aka Ram Sookdial, was serving a nine year sentence in the New Amsterdam prison for armed robbery on the high seas, when he escaped prison in early June. Together with him are on the run, murder accused Rickford La Fleur alias Rickford Williams, 35, Vinood ‘Mango’ Gopaul, 19; and Vijay Seenarine, 33, who was awaiting trial on a charge of carnal knowledge.

'The four criminals are suspected of involvement in recent high seas robberies on at least 15 small fishing boats. During one of the attacks, one fisherman was shot in the shoulder.'

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