July 13, 2011

Namiita beach renewal

Daily Yomiuri Online "In an attempt to revive a local beach known as a surfers' paradise, boarders are banding together to remove debris and wreckage that washed ashore after the March 11 tsunami." by Sayaka Watanabe and Kazuki Uchimoto

'Namiita beach has attracted many young surfers to Otsuchicho in recent times, helping to revitalize a town that was struggling with an aging population and a shortage of successors for its fishery businesses.

'Local surfers want to restore the beach to its former glory, in the hope the ripple effect of their efforts will aid the reconstruction of the town as a whole.

'"Right, let's clean up the sea," said professional surfer Hiroshi Sugimoto, 43, with garbage bag in hand. About 120 surfers had gathered at the beach--some from Iwate Prefecture, and others who had traveled from Chiba and Aichi prefectures--after being directly contacted by Sugimoto or seeing a call-out on his Web site.'

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