July 05, 2011

"Many of these seafarers remain traumatised and unable to return to their seafaring careers."

The Citizen "SOS said two seamen were killed in 2007 as a result of pirate attacks, adding that piracy had worsened since then." by Jonathan Saul

'Somali gangs are taking piracy to an industrial scales and the number of seafarers killed due to piracy has escalated in the past four years with 62 merchant sailors losing their lives through torture, execution, suicide and malnutrition, campaigners said.Somali gangs, who are making millions of dollars in ransoms, are becoming increasingly violent, and are able to stay out at sea for long periods and in all weather conditions using captured merchant vessels as mother ships.

'"Sixty two seafarers have died in the past four years as a direct result of piracy in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean, through deliberate murder by pirates, suicide during the period of captivity, death from malnutrition and disease, death by drowning, or heart failure just after the hijacking," said SOS SaveOurSeafarers.'

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