July 15, 2011

London Docklands Captain Kidd Exhibit

Film News UK "Avast me hearties, pirates have dropped anchor at the London Docklands Museum and invite to a new and fascinating exhibition about one pirate in particular, namely Britain’s very own privateer Captain Kidd." by Claudia A

'Not only that, but the exhibition – a brainchild of Tom Wareham, curator of Maritime History at the Docklands Museum - sheds light on how London’s corrupt politics were entangled in piracy like fish in mesh. The launch also coincided with the anniversary of Captain Kidd’s execution on 23 May 1701 at the Execution Dock in Wapping, London. He was hanged twice (the rope broke on the first attempt) and gibbeted - his body suspended in a cage over the Thames. His corpse stayed there for two years as a warning to other pirates.

'Original artefacts, archaeological finds and hands-on inter-actives reveal London's links with piracy dating back to the 17th century, including the capital's gruesome history as a place of execution for pirates. "Not so much the swashbuckling pirates looking for gold and buried treasure - the real pirates of the 17th and 18th Century would plunder trade goods with high value such as sugar, Indian silks, spices and coffee" says curator of fashion and decorative arts, Hilary Davidson.'

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