July 13, 2011

Jay Novak

Imperial Beach Patch "IB Patch: When did you start shaping?" By Serge Dedina

'Jay Novak: I started shaping in high school in the 1970s. At that time surfboard design was going through a major period of change. In 1968 the first shortboards were used, all but replacing 9-foot and longer boards. But the issue with the new more sensitive and maneuverable boards was that no one had figured out exactly what design features made a board surf well.

'Therefore many different shapes and sizes of boards were used. Anything from 8-foot V bottoms (they looked like cut off 9 footers) to 7 1/2 foot by 18" Hawaiian influenced single fins to 5 1/2 foot twin fins with wide tails and everything in between. It took years and many different ideas to reach a bit of a design standard.'

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