June 09, 2011

World Surfing Reserves

Global Surf News "The new website also showcases breathtaking photography from some top surf photographers, including Will Henry, Anthony Ghiglia, and Bill Parr."

'World Surfing Reserves today announced the launch of a brand new, standalone website for the growing initiative. WorldSurfingReserves.org creates a permanent home for World Surfing Reserves, a global collaboration launched by Save The Waves Coalition, in conjunction with National Surfing Reserves Australia and other partners.

'“WorldSurfingReserves.org provides comprehensive information about the program, including what is a World Surfing Reserve, how it works, how to apply, and what the process is for becoming a WSR,” says Dean LaTourrette, Executive Director of Save The Waves and WSR Executive Committee member. “It will help communicate to the world about this exciting conservation initiative, and hopefully inspire people to participate.”'

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