June 11, 2011

Simon Perk rescued

Exmouth Journal "A local kite surfer who thought he was going to die when he got into difficulty in a freak accident off Exmouth earlier this month has thanked his rescuers." by Becca Gliddon

'Simon Perk, 56, injured his arm at the start of June after he was dragged dangerously close to rocks when his kite surfing equipment spiralled out of control.

'Tangled in his equipment and dragged 300 metres at speed through water, Mr Perk was pulled to safety by RNLI lifeguards Ryan Spring and Matt Childs.

'Last week Mr Perk sought out his rescuers and thanked them for their efforts.

'He said: “‘ was being dragged through the water at about 10 knots. I thought I was going to die."'

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