June 13, 2011

Shark safety

North Myrtle Beach Online 'Seventeen year veteran, North Myrtle Beach Public Safety Beach Officer, David Capps said, “I can remember about 3 incidences in the past two years – all of them minor nips.” He described two of them.' By Jim Hulen

'“A surfer was in the water floating on his board, when a small eighteen inch shark clamped on his toe. He killed it and got his picture holding the shark in the North Myrtle Beach Times.”

'The second incidence he described was really caused by foolish behavior on several people’s part.

'Officer Capps continued, “A tiger shark was feeding on a school of bait fish in waist-deep water – creating a commotion. People actually waded out to get their picture taken petting the shark! The shark got confused and nipped people while trying to feed on the bait fish.”

'Officer Capps cautioned, “There is one point where sharks congregate. Where drop-offs occur, bait fish congregate and so do sharks. A drop-off occurs where the Cherry Grove marsh enters the Atlantic at Hog inlet. At low tide, not knowing about the drop off, people are tempted to walk across the inlet to Watie’s Island. At low tide the drop is about 19 feet.”'

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