June 22, 2011

Scan and sync effect on piracy

PC Magazine "Next week, Apple is expected to announce iCloud, which will most likely be a cloud service to host music, and probably photos, documents, and video as well." By Mark Hachman

'A recent report by BusinessWeek suggests that Apple's iCloud will feature a "scan and sync" technology that will scan a user's MP3 library--and, instead of uploading the files to the cloud, will simply match those files to Apple's own library. Apple can keep a single, high-quality copy of a file in the cloud, and eliminate the need to keep multiple copies of the same song on its servers, each with slightly different variations on the title or bitrate.

'What this means, of course, is that users who may have ripped their own CDs, or those of their friends, or their friends' friends, won't have to worry about the RIAA sniffing about their music collection. The thinking is that iCloud will be a subscription service, and that a lifetime of pirated music hosted on iCloud for a lifetime will eventually make back those licensing fees.'

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