June 10, 2011

Nova Scotia out as CWC venue

ESPN Action Sports "It seems that after some questions were raised about O'Neill bringing a 6-star Cold Water Classic event to Nova Scotia, to be held Sept. 19-25, the company has announced that there will be no Canadian event, at least not for 2011." By Jon Coen

'Unless O'Neill comes up with a new venue, this also means that the Cold Water Classic, offering $50,000 for the overall winner, is down one event in 2011. After the CWC New Zealand and CWC Scotland, Brent Dorrington of Australia, who won the Scotland contest, leads the series with 4,420 points. Aussie Adam Melling is in second with 3,500, followed by Joan Duru of France and Jay Quinn of New Zealand. The overall winner will now be decided at the ASP Prime Cold Water Classic California in Santa Cruz on Oct. 26-30.'

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