June 10, 2011

Noosa emergency contact list

Noosa Journal "LAST Friday was one of those days when you know exactly why you live in Noosa and love it to death." BY PHIL JARRATT

'The southeast swell that had been pounding the beaches but missing the points bent seaward another 30 degrees or so and created perfection. Mike Williams was doing the same at Tea Tree. He made an ambitious call on a set wave that sucked out on takeoff and deposited him on a barely submerged rock. He was not in great shape when he surfaced, disoriented and barely conscious but he managed a weak cry for help. Fellow surfers responded and got him to the beach, a four-wheel drive ambulance got there on the maintenance track and Mike was soon getting the attention he needed.

'It’s also timely to remind all Noosa surfers, and particularly those of a certain age, that they can join the “Heaven’s Gate” emergency contact list by calling Trudy Watts on 54491248. Trudy set this up after hubby Eric was knocked unconscious in the surf and fellow surfers realised they had no idea who to call.'

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