June 18, 2011

Leave yet another message

Surfspots GPS "For pretty much ever women’s surfing has been relegated to second-class citizen status in the Kingdom of Stoke." via Jake Howard at ESPN Action Sports

'No question there have been exceptions. Jericho Poppler, Margo Oberg, Lisa Andersen and Layne Beachley all come to mind, but across the board, women’s surfing plays a sorry second fiddle. One need look no further than the ASP World Tour to see the discrepancy. Wave quality, prize money, the number of events, none of those telling factors even come close to measuring up to what the men get. In other words, we love to see bikinis, just so long as they stay on the beach.

'But enter Nike 6.0′s soon-to-be-released surf film, “Leave A Message.” By the time the spray settles it could turn out to be the most influential surf movie in the history of women’s surfing, and quite possibly shatter the gender barrier in the process. Staring Carissa Moore, who at this point in the 2011 ASP season is looking like a shoe in for her first world title, as well as Coco Ho, Laura Enever, Monyca Byrne-Wickey, Malia Manuel and Lakey Peterson, it’s what you might call and ensemble cast.'

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