June 11, 2011

Jack Hebner

Sunday Pioneer "Baba Ramdev may be the big daddy of yoga in the country but even in his wildest dreams probably hadn’t dreamt of doing yoga atop a surfboard!" by Ajay Khullar

'According to 65-year-old Jack Hebner or Swami Narsingha, more famously known as the Surfing Swami along Karnataka’s Karwad coast, surfing is a form of pranayam which is a whole lot of fun — besides harmonising the “mind and body temple.”

'“When you surf, you have to regulate your breathing patterns. When you do pranayam at home, you are just sitting at one spot. It can be boring. You can call surfing a more active form of pranayam. It’s a great cardio-vascular exercise and core workout,” says Swami Narsingha.

'A follower of Lord Krishna with a penchant for surfing, the swami still retains the attitude of a sportsman while maintaining the calm of a man of God. “Water is one of the five elements. Flow with it and you are in harmony with nature. The ocean is a source of revitalising energy. Surfers thrive on riding the energy of the ocean — waves of pure energy that have travelled miles upon miles to reach them. Imagine tapping into that,” says the swami, who is drawing in tourists and locals to his ashram in Mulki, halfway between Udipi and Mangalore.'

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