June 08, 2011

"In 140km of coast, there were more than 20 surf spots."

Surfer Today "Fukushima was one of the best surfing regions in Japan."

'After the tsunami and the nuclear power plant meltdown, Japanese surfers had to change their habits. From 11th March 2011 on, surfing is banned.

'Until then, Fukushima was an incredible surf spot. There were stunning right-handers being ridden right in front of the nuclear station, every day, and in many other secret spots around the facility. Watch the quality of surfing in Fukushima, here.

'The Fukushima disaster is considered one of the worst nuclear tragedies of all time. Explosions, overheat and radioactivity releases threatened life in the surrounding areas. The local authorities raised the emergency levels to the highest value in the scale: 7.'

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