June 22, 2011

ANNIE DRUMMOND on Vampires and Pirates

My New Orleans "Now it seems like the cool kids in town are no longer vampires, but pirates." by ANNIE DRUMMOND

"Last year for True Blood, I had to get creative because I didn't have HBO, and I wasn't willing to "pirate" the episodes (pun very much intended). My then-roommate and I never got HBO because if we had called up the cable company and asked for a premium channel package, they would have probably caught on that we had been receiving free cable since we moved in. We didn't feel like bothering them with the burden of such information. So last year, I watched it at the Lost Love Lounge, which was pretty awesome. They would play the show every Sunday on a big screen and you could sit and watch along with other Marigny/Bywater fans and some cold cheap Miller High Life. I actually did end up managing to talk a few of my friends into joining me with the promise of the awesome Vietnamese food that they serve. While they did love the food, I think they were pretty confused by the show. They were like...huh? The Vampire King of Mississippi is 3,000 years old and yet has a southern accent? I told them to watch the whole thing from the beginning... and then they told me to watch The Wire. It always comes back to The Wire with these people."

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