March 14, 2011

“The villagers called the police and the pirates were apprehended"

Yemen Observer "Security forces have arrested four Somali pirates hijacked a Yemeni fishing boat in Hadibu Island off the Socotra archipelago on Friday." by Majid al-Kibsi

'Security forces in Socotra archipelago said that the Somali pirates intercepted the Yemeni fishing boat, pointed a gun at the boat owner and ordered him to take their colleague to the nearest hospital. He had been injured by gun shot in one of his legs.

'The pirates took the boat and sailed to a Bin Hola, a small village in northern Socotra, where the authorities apprehended them. The injured pirate died after he was transported to the village and authorities will keep his body in a morgue until the investigation is complete.

'Colonel Ahmed Hael, manager of the security media center at the Ministry of Interior, said that the pirates went to a village of mainly fishermen.

'He said that pirate activity had increased in the area and that pirates had taken control of three boats of the local fishermen.'

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