March 01, 2011

USTR lists markets involved with piracy

CNET News 'According to the USTR, which acts as this country's chief trade negotiator, the list was created to identify "markets, including those on the Internet, which exemplify the problem of marketplaces dealing in infringing goods and helping sustain global piracy."' by Greg Sandoval

'"The list below recognizes markets in which pirated or counterfeit goods are reportedly available," the USTR said in a statement, adding that the list is not exhaustive. "Rather, the list highlights with concern some of the most prominent examples of notorious markets in each of the categories referenced."

'The USTR also wrote that the U.S. government urged authorities in the countries mentioned to "intensify efforts to combat piracy" and "use the information contained in the Notorious Markets List to pursue legal action where appropriate."'

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