March 09, 2011

MV Rak Africana freed

Daily News and Analysis "While the fate of six Indian sailors aboard MV Suez remains undecided, there was some good news from another ship MV Rak Africana." By Vineeta Pandey

'Somalian pirates are learnt to have released the ship MV Rak Africana, believed to have 11 Indian sailors on board apart from 12 other nationals. Africana has been held hostage for 11 months now.

'According to reports, there are at present 79 Indian crew on seven ships in the custody of Somali pirates. Foreign secretary Nirupama Rao had said the pirates currently hold over 1,000 sailors of different nations.

'Meanwhile, Egypt’s ambassador to India Khaled El Bakly said there was a lot of talk going on in Egypt over the MV Suez hostage crisis.

'The ministry of external affairs has sought the help of the Egyptian government to help free the six Indian hostages.

'The government had urged Egypt to impress upon the Egyptian-shipowner of MV Suez to take proactive steps in freeing the hostages. Indian seafarers comprise 25% of the total merchant vessel fleet in the world.'

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