March 04, 2011

Maritime Denmark reports Brattingsborg defended

Copenhagen Post "A Danish-owned ship carrying armed guards fought off an attack by pirates off the coast of Yemen on Thursday morning."

'According to shipping news website Maritime Denmark, the four pirates reportedly opened fire on the cargo vessel Brattingsborg, but turned back after a brief fire-fight with the guards.

'According to Lars Steen Rasmussen - the managing director of Nordana, the ship’s owner - this was the first time the company had posted guards on a ship.

'“We chose to do it this time because it’s a slow-moving ship and the clearance to the waterline is relatively low,” he said.

'Because the Brattingsborg is registered in Singapore, it did not require permission from Danish authorities to carry armed guards. However, the Danish Shipowners’ Association is reportedly negotiating with the Justice Ministry for permission to carry guards on Danish-flagged ships.

'“The attack failed because the guards returned fire,” said association vice-president Jan Fritz Hansen. “That goes to show how necessary it is that we get an agreement about armed guards in place in a hurry.”

'The guards were taken on board as the ship passed through the Suez Canal on its way to India carrying a cargo of steel.'

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