March 11, 2011

"I set off into the sea with them and captured a Saudi oil tanker that made us lick our fingers -- a hell of a lot of cash!"

Reuters "Only two years after deciding to join in the piracy rampant off the Somalian coast, Saeed Yare is a dollar multi-millionaire." By Abdiqani Hassan

'Leaning against the door of his luxury Toyota Landcruiser, one of the latest models in the seaside town of Bosasso, the Yare puffs on a cigarette.

'"It is not an easy job being a pirate. You gamble with your life, but I enjoy being a piracy tycoon," says the slim 27-year-old, dressed in a sharp suit he says is Italian.

'"The piracy business is like a presidential seat, you don't want to give it up once you taste its sweetness. A friend of mine died in the recent navy operation -- but he left one million dollars!" Yare said, referring to a botched rescue attempt that left four U.S. citizens dead.'

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