March 02, 2011

Danish boaters moved to another ship

AP "A Danish family kidnapped by pirates has reached the shore of Somalia, officials and a pirate said Wednesday, likely meaning a long hostage ordeal for the couple and their three teenage children who were abducted while yachting around the world."

'The family has been moved to a larger ship, and none of the hostages has been harmed, a pirate said.

'Later Wednesday, the Danish government said it had established contact with the pirates and their hostages.

'"They are doing well under the circumstances," the Foreign Ministry said in a brief statement.

'It said a professional security firm was handling negotiations with the pirates, declining to give more details, citing concern for the hostages and their relatives. The statement did not mention anything about a ransom.

'A Somali pirate previously warned that if any attempt was made to rescue them, they would meet the same fate as the four American yachters slain by their pirate captors last week. Any chance of a quick rescue seemed to disappear Wednesday.'

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