March 01, 2011

Danes threatened

Yahoo News "A Danish family captured by pirates in the Indian Ocean will suffer the same fate as four American sailors slain last week, if any rescue is attempt is made, a Somali pirate said Tuesday." By JAN M. OLSEN, via AP

'Abdullahi Mohamed told The Associated Press that he has ties with the gang holding the family — a Danish couple with three children, aged 12 to 16.

'Most hostages captured in the pirate-infested waters off East Africa are professional sailors. Pirates rarely capture families and children, but a 3-year-old boy was aboard a French yacht seized in 2009. His father was killed in the rescue operation by French navy commandos. Two pirates were killed and four French citizens were freed, including the child.

'The Danish family was captured along with two adult crew members, also Danes, when their sailboat was seized by pirates Thursday, the Danish government said.

'Mohamed said that any attack against the pirates would result in the deaths of the hostages, and he referred to the killings last week of four American hostages captured by pirates on their yacht.'

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