March 09, 2011

Bulkeley captures pirates

Navy Times "NATO warships on Sunday thwarted a hijacking attempt on a Japanese oiler hundreds of miles off the coast of Oman in what could be a textbook pirate takedown, accomplished without firing a single shot." By Sam Fellman

'When four pirates clambered up the Guanabara, the crew of 24 Japanese mariners rushed into a safe room, preventing the pirates from taking hostages, and radioed a distress call.

'“That’s the best thing they could have done because it prevented the suspected pirates from getting anywhere near them,” said Cmdr. Chris DeGregory, commanding officer of the destroyer Bulkeley, the first ship on station. They were joined by the Turkish frigate Giresun the following morning, which assisting them in boxing in the oil tanker.

'Ringed by gray hulls and unable to capture the crew, the pirates retreated to the foc’sle and surrendered, waving white flags. Then Bulkeley sent its boarding team in.'

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