February 21, 2011

'“The Wikipedia page is slander,” Roberts wrote. “Pirate Cat is closed for now.”'

Mission Blog "It began with an email from one of our Mission neighbors." by Heather Smith

'They'd noticed that today someone had changed the Wikipedia entry for Pirate Cat Radio. At the end of the entry, someone had typed in this:

'On Saturday, Febuary 12th 2011, Pirate Cat Radio ceased its live stream and podcasts. Their website also went dark. Founder, and former owner Monkey had sold a majority share in the station, took the broadcasting equipment, cashbox from the cafe, and left town. The remaining DJs are forming a collective to try to bring the station back on.

'Which was odd. Pirate Cat's Facebook page and Twitter feed mentioned no such disruption. A search for the IP address ( came up with no information other than that it's a Comcast account originating from Walnut Creek.'

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