February 21, 2011

Warship tailing yacht

Daily Mail "A warship is shadowing a hijacked yacht with four Americans aboard - which was taken by Somali pirates on Friday - according to pirate sources and a Somali government official."

'The yacht Quest was reported to be moving closer to Somalia after being boarded off the coast of Oman, but is now in the waters between Yemen and northern Somalia. A pirate, who gave his name only as Hassan, told the Associated Press that a warship with a helicopter on its deck was near the Quest.

'Hassan said he was speaking directly with the pirates aboard the hijacked yacht. A second pirate who gave his name as Bile Hussein and a Somali official in Puntland - who asked not to be named - both said the Quest was in between Yemen and Somalia and heading closer to Puntland, a haven for pirates on Somalia's northern tip.'

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