February 17, 2011

"Pirates are very vindictive"

The Foreigner “The statement puts the Norwegian, and other sailors and hostages in great danger.” by Nicoleta-Madalina Sincan

'The ship-owner told Dagens Næringsliv (DN) “pirates caught in international waters have always been punished with death, most often performed on the spot” and advocates introducing the practice, even though he admitted this was brutal practice.

'His statements were not well received by the Somali community in Norway, according to the paper.

'Mohamed Husein Gaas believes Mr. Stolt-Nielsen’s idea will make pirates deliberately target Norwegian ships and sailors.

'“Pirates are very vindictive. Rumors spread really fast, and all the locals down there digest Norwegian and international news”, he tells DN.

'He also believes killing the pirates would not solve the problem, because they do not care about being killed.

'“They are not rational. Local Somalis live daily with the fear of dying anyway.”

'Shirdon Abdikarim, general manager of the Somali Resource and Rehabilitation Centre in Oslo is also concerned about the consequences of the shipping magnate’s remarks.

'He knows they are familiar with the various shipping companies’ designs and flags, enabling them to distinguish the vessels from several hundred meters.'

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