February 09, 2011

Pirate Box

NYU News '"I built [Pirate Box] last fall," Darts said. "Since then it went viral. It started getting picked up by big websites. I had posts from France, Spain, Germany and Oslo. People are making constant improvements."' by Harry Lee

'Darts' creation is a black tin box, reminiscent of a kindergartener's lunch box, adorned with a skull and crossbones. Inside lies the kind of technology most of us already possess: networking equipment, similar to a home wireless router, a USB stick and battery pack. Unlike those at home, though, the router hosts a Debian Linux Install running a barebones Python-powered Web server.

'Deemed the "Pirate Box," the tool was created to make file sharing between students and professors easier. The device does not require Internet access, meaning all the data shared within that network stays private beyond the limit of its wireless range.

'Darts said he built the system to help him teach his media and arts classes where electronic files need to be shared frequently.'

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