February 27, 2011

Marsden Grotto

"The Marsden Grotto is well known for being the only restaurant and bar in a cave in the whole of Europe. Known to the locals simply as ‘The Grotto’, it is situated in the cliffs of Marsden’s coast in South Shields in Tyne & Wear."

'The history of this curious place dates back to the 18th century and is filled with tales of smugglers, skeletons and ghosts. It was then that the Grotto was first used to bring food and drink to locals and a slew of sailors who preferred to avoid the law.

'Since its early days, the original cave has been greatly excavated and now, with recent refurbishments, it prides itself on retaining a sense of its colourful legacy while bringing diners the kind of culinary delights which only the sea’s freshest catches can inspire.

'Incredibly, the caves have been excavated to a two-storey height. Upstairs patrons can hire a unique room overlooking the sea for that special occasion.

'For a more convivial or family type meal, the downstairs bar and eatery specializes in a wide variety of delicious Gastropub food and will appeal to young or old with a love of the almost mythical maritime history of the Grotto, captured perfectly by the decor. The ideal spot for scrumptious Fish and Chips either inside or on the outside deck, maybe a great sandwich to eat at the water’s edge or just a quiet drink to watch the sun go down.

'The beach is splendid in its own right and the Marsden Grotto has gone to great lengths to make is a special place for kids to play and enjoy themselves in this old pirate corner of South Shields.'

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