February 17, 2011

Hopkins speaks

Maritime Security Review "The United States has expressed concern about rising maritime piracy in the region and the damage these attacks wreak on the already fragile, political, social, economic and humanitarian situation in eastern Africa." by Steven Jones

'In interviews with media outlets in the Middle East, Donna L. Hopkins, Coordinator of Counter Piracy and Maritime Security at the Bureau of Political Military Affairs, US Department of State, has stated that simply deploying more naval vessels would not solve the problem.

'"We are very concerned that pirate ransom money is actually undermining the development of sustainable legitimate economic activity such as fisheries and normal maritime trade," said the counter-piracy official.

'She revealed governments were cooperating on a judicial framework to prosecute the criminals. "Work is ongoing in dozens of cooperating governments to enable prosecution and incarceration of pirates. Piracy is a crime of universal jurisdiction, and the United States firmly believes that every nation can and should prosecute pirates who attack their interests."'

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