February 19, 2011

Gun no protection on board

gCaptain 'A year or so ago, a sailboat transiting this area had come across “pirates” and had successfully defended themselves, destroying the pirate boat and killing a pirate. It was quite a story, but raised the question, “should we bring a gun with us?” Everyone in the room, except for the skipper of one of the boats, was completely against the idea of firearms on board.' By Rob Almeida

"1) Threat identification: Pirates don’t wear swords or funny hats, they look like fishermen. How do you know that the approaching boat is a pirate boat, and not a fisherman?

"2) Is brandishing a weapon going to escalate the situation to the point where it’s a life or death scenario, or can you really defend yourself from the attackers?

"3) Will the weapon you carry on board be stolen by the pirate and used against you?

"4) Do you know how to shoot?

"5) Does your gun still work after being at sea for months at a time?"

Rob's story about quasi-pirates.

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