February 17, 2011

Gardiners Island

hamptons.com "In June 1699, Gardiner's Island received a legendary visitor, Captain William Kidd, privateer and pirate." By Nicole A. Flotteron

'He sailed his ship Adventure Prize into one of the harbors on the Island on his way to Boston where he would attempt to clear his name. With Lion Gardiner's grandson Jonathan's permission, he buried $30,000 worth of treasure in a ravine between Bostwick's Point and the Manor House. Kidd gave Mrs. Gardiner a piece of gold cloth (it can be found on display at the East Hampton Library) which he captured from a Moorish ship off of Madagascar, as well as a bag of sugar - a rarity at the time. He warned the Gardiner's that if the treasure was not there when he returned he would kill them, and he headed off to Boston.

'While in Boston, Kidd was captured, put on trial and later executed. Governor of New York and Massachusetts, Richard Earl of Bellomont ordered the Gardiners to deliver the treasure to the court as evidence. The treasure included gold dust, silver bars, gold Spanish coins, rubies, diamonds, candlesticks and porringers. One diamond remained in Gardiner's hands. Some argue that he took it; others argue that it was accidently left in his travel bag. The diamond was given to his daughter Elizabeth who married the Island chaplain, Mr. Green.'

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