January 27, 2011

"We have not used the same level of rigor in terms of following the money in the counter-piracy effort as we have in counter-terror."

National Journal 'Fox noted that "millions of dollars are being pumped into the potentially lawless society in Somalia," but the pirates who capture the ships receive only thousands of dollars from the ransoms paid by ship owners.' By Otto Kreisher

'The U.S. Navy admiral responsible for countering the pirates operating from Somalia said Wednesday that the expanding threat should be addressed with the same rigor applied to counterterrorism.

'That's particularly true when it comes to tracing the millions of dollars being paid to ransom captured sailors.

'Vice Adm. Mark Fox said he had no "explicit intelligence" that the al-Qaida-connected al Shaba terrorists, who control most of Somalia, are benefiting from the ransom money, but noted that, "I'm loath to hope that there's not" a link.'

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