January 21, 2011

"Did Prince want one more shot at the pirates and the terrorists — and the government paychecks?"

Wired 'The African Union report, says the Times, claims Prince put up the “seed money” for Saracen to explore a business deal with the Somali government.' By Spencer Ackerman

'The New York Times cites a confidential African Union report claiming Prince is “at the top of the management chain” of Saracen International, a South African security company that’s trying to work with both the embattled Somali government and the breakaway region of Puntland. In Puntland, Saracen is putting together a 1050-strong anti-pirate militia, something the international community has greeted with caution. And in Mogadishu, it wants to do what western militaries don’t: protect government officials, train the rump Somali army to fight the Qaeda-aligned al-Shebaab insurgency — and maybe do a little Shebaab-fighting of their own.'

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