January 24, 2011

"America also has a Pirate Party..."

The New Republic ". . . most attention-grabbing aspect of the party—its name—has been a mixed blessing." by James Downie

'This past December, when the host of the Wikileaks domain shut down the organization’s online presence, the Pirate Party came to the rescue. No, the saviors were not renegade Somalis or Internet bootleggers, but, rather, a small but growing five-year-old political party focused on copyright and intellectual property laws. There are between 30 and 40 Pirate Parties globally, and two Pirate Party members sit in the European Parliament. By reopening the shuttered Wikileaks on the Swiss Pirate Party’s site, the party linked up with one of the biggest stories of 2010. A tiny movement was suddenly on the global political map.'

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