January 28, 2011

"$10 million ransom might be dropped to $7 million or even $6 million."

iol news 'Somali pirates holding hostage a Durban couple have demanded a $10 million (R70 million) ransom from the South African government and say that, unless the ransom is paid, they will “make an example” of their hostages.' By BRONWYN GERRETSEN, via The Mercury

'This was confirmed on Thursday by a source close to the family of one of the hostages.

'Bruno Pelizzari and Deborah Calitz of Durban were abducted by the pirates after their yacht Choizil, skippered by another kwaZulu-Natal man, Peter Eldridge, was hijacked on November 1. Eldridge refused to leave the yacht and was later rescued by naval forces. The trio had been en route to Richards Bay from East Africa.

'The ransom demand phone call was made from Somalia directly to a family member in mid-December.

'There are also said to be Somali nationals in Durban who are keeping the pirates abreast of what is going on.'

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