December 19, 2010

"A philosopher who creates such a game ..." The Metaphysics Videogame Part 2: What Kind of Videogame? by Ian Bogost

"Following trends in serious games and other communities that advocate the use of games in education, a metaphysics game could serve a pedagogical purpose. Such a purpose could take place in a variety of contexts. The one folks will think of first might be at an introductory secondary or collegiate level, whether for use in a course or on its own. But there are others, equally if not more interesting: as a more advanced tool for committed students of philosophy, as a product for use by the very young to introduce philosophy in the same way that one might introduce foreign language, or as an approachable program of study for adults of any profession interested in metaphysics as a side pursuit, in the same way that they might be interested in macrame, tagalog, kung fu, or souffl├ęs."

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