December 14, 2010

", which was launched in August, is intended to function as an online community"

LA Times "Students can buy and sell lecture notes, old homework, study guides and other class materials?" By Carla Rivera

'"All through school we're taught not to plagiarize and to use our own words," said Stevens, who lives in San Francisco. "We don't think that the government should be able to tell students what to do with their own handwritten notes."

'After Cal State officials learned of the website, they sent Stevens a cease and desist letter on Sept. 21, asking him to stop facilitating the sale of class notes, to inform students about the law and to stop promoting the site to Cal State students.

'The university then e-mailed students at its 23 campuses, warning them that selling class notes "including on the NoteUtopia website, is subject to discipline, up through and including expulsion from the university."'

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